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Steps. Wear thick socks so you don't make too much noise. Wear dark clothing. If you get caught while still inside your house, give an excuse like you wanted a glass of water or needed to use the bathroom. Make sure you practice sneaking around the house and outside. Make sure you check the weather forecast.

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How to Sneak Around Your House at Night. Don't wear shoes. Stretch beforehand to avoid your joints from cracking and making any noise. Wear dark blue clothes to blend in with the shadows. Heavy breathing means that someone is in deep sleep, so they will be hard to wake up. Move smoothly to prevent fluid motions in your.

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How to Sneak Around the House at Night to Eat (For Kids). Hunger is one of the struggles children must overcome through the night. With this article, you'll learn how to sneak around, whatever your purpose may be. Wear Inside your house, know where everything is.